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The healthcare and bioscience industries require comprehensive EH&S programs to stay in business and in regulatory compliance. An organization's needs can range anywhere from ensuring fire safety to requiring a solution to chronic and repetitive nursing staff back injuries. Everything that falls in between such as hazardous waste disposal or infection control can require significant individual expertise. Hiring the right full-time talent for each scenario would be costly and inefficient.

That's where EH&E comes in. We can draw on the entire range of professional disciplines offered by our staff to provide you with the right expertise at the right time. This includes industrial hygienists, engineers, chemical hazardous materials managers and toxicologists--as well as our technical support team of project managers, data analysts and programmers, and field operation support services.

In addition, since all of our non-proprietary project information is stored in central databases, we have access to the problem-solving processes utilized in over fifteen years of working on some very diverse and complex projects.

With the EH&E approach you are assured of a consistent, quality product that provides basic value.