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Litigation Experts

EH&E has a staff of scientific experts in the areas of industrial hygiene, exposure assessment and reconstruction, toxicology, geology/hydrogeology, engineering and safety. These experts work on both defendant and plaintiff cases with law firms from across the country. Our scientists and engineers have degrees from some of the most prestigious universities in the world. Many have nationally or internationally recognized certifications or registrations in their area of expertise.

EH&E experts have experience working on class action certification hearings (and associated merit trials), toxic torts including mass torts, and individual cases involving wrongful death, birth defects, cancer and a wide range of other alleged health effects.

Our experts have conducted exposure assessments and/or reconstructions for a wide range of chemical agents including VOC’s, beryllium, arsenic, cadmium, lead, PCBs, dioxins, asbestos, trace benzene, diesel fuel and many others. In some of these cases the operations no longer were in existence so mathematical modeling or simulations were utilized. EH&E also has experts who handle litigation involving exposures to Legionella, histoplasmosis, mycotoxins, mold and common household allergens.

Our scientific experts are experienced in depositions, trials, discovery and other legal proceedings in Federal and State Courts across the United States. They use generally accepted scientific methods and apply them appropriately to ensure a thorough, defensible opinion.

In addition to serving as consulting or testifying experts, we perform case evaluations, assist with settlements and provide advice on avoiding litigation.