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Indoor Environmental Quality

EH&E is known as the leader in indoor environmental quality (IEQ) assessment and in providing optimal IEQ management strategies for office buildings, healthcare and biotech facilities. With terms like Sick Building Syndrome and Building-Related Illness receiving their fair share of media attention, today's educated worker understands the potential acute and chronic health risks posed by poor IEQ.

At EH&E, our goal is to optimize the indoor environment. We look beyond common issues like thermal comfort and odor control to help an organization create and maintain a safe and pleasant environment for people to work in. We take a total building-systems approach when developing and implementing an IEQ program.

Creating a healthier work environment with high IEQ standards is good business practice. A solid IEQ program ensures that you will be able to maintain a productive workforce, build employee morale, minimize disruption to work activities, and lessen the potential for negative public relations.