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Environmental Health and Safety Consulting Services

EH&E can provide you with a comprehensive plan to keep you and your employees safe and in regulatory compliance. We take the time to understand your organizational structure and then we work with you to smoothly integrate our environmental health and safety consulting services into your internal operations and procedures. One size does not fit all. Based on the culture of your organization, we design a full staff and education program so that there is “buy-in” at every level. Our customized environmental health and safety consulting services include:

  • Health and safety program development, including program support
  • Safety manual and policy development 
  • Incident reporting systems 
  • Emergency response system, including spills/chemical releases and exposure assessments 
  • Regulatory compliance, including OSHA , Local Water Resource Authority, State Department of Environmental Protection, and the Local Fire Department 
  • Risk assessment and communication strategies
  • Indoor air quality investigations and pro-active monitoring programs
  • Life safety assessment
  • Fire safety programs
  • Biosafety programs
  • Chemical Hygiene programs