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Fire Risk Assessments & Life Safety Management

Fire risk assessment and life safety management is a universal concern for all types of occupancies from industrial to residential. Building codes and fire prevention codes are developed to insure occupant safety by requiring compliance with a myriad of standards that often require interpretation by experienced code experts. EH&E’s experience as a building technology company has provided exposures to all types of building environments with various fire and life safety issues. Our experience in biotechnology, healthcare and educational buildings and working with building officials in large metropolitan and rural communities have provided a diverse base of knowledge for all fire and life safety compliance issues.

EH&E can guide you in your compliance efforts with a full array of consulting services including: 

  • Fire risk assessments and life safety plan reviews for new structures or renovation projects
  • Inspections for firewall penetration and firestop installation verification in new construction and existing buildings
  • Interim Life Safety Measures (ILSM) plans
  • Permitting and licensing for flammables and combustibles
  • Site inspections for fire risk assessments and life safety compliance
  • Emergency evacuation maps, where required 
  • Development of emergency action plans for OSHA and local emergency planning commissions

We also can advise our clients on storage and handling of flammables and combustibles in compliance with NFPA guidelines in laboratory and institutional settings. In addition, EH&E can work with our clients to develop routine programs such as fire risk assessments, fire drills, fire protection system testing and maintenance programs, and training program development for new employees and annual reviews for current employees.

EH&E has many years of experience in laboratory safety. We can assist you with hazardous chemical and waste management and hazard identification systems (NFPA 704 Labeling).





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