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Health & Safety Compliance

Today’s work force is more aware and concerned about the health and safety of their work environment - and rightfully so. With the rapid emergence and continued growth in critical use buildings, including pharmaceutical companies, leading edge research and biotechnology facilities, and the demands of healthcare institutions, work environments are becoming increasingly complex. When hazardous materials, such as chemicals and biological byproducts, are used and stored in areas where people gather and work, the potential health and safety risks are significant. With these changes come more rigorous environmental health and safety programs and regulatory requirements at the federal, state and local levels.

But how do you know what your specific compliance needs are? How do you manage all the aspects of a comprehensive environmental health and safety program to ensure your employees’ well-being? EH&E provides many leading institutions with complete onsite management of environmental health and safety services. As a direct result of this experience, EH&E understands the EH&S challenges of state-of-the-art and technically sophisticated facilities. We also realize the hard costs associated with a poor environment, including low productivity and business interruptions. We deliver solution-oriented compliance management services designed to:

  • Provide a healthy and safe work environment
  • Reduce occupational illness and injury 
  • Minimize workers’ compensation claims 
  • Increase worker morale and productivity