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Engineering & Building Science

Building owners, institutions and organizations all over the country are discovering that by optimizing a building’s performance and trouble-shooting existing problems, they are creating a significantly more productive environment for themselves and their employees. Integrated engineering services improve and maintain building systems in a safe and effective manner while maximizing efficiency, minimizing liability, costly litigation and unfavorable publicity.

EH&E is widely recognized as the company with the staff, knowledge and innovation to provide the best in solution-oriented engineering services. EH&E’s professional engineers work closely with organizations, institutions and building owners to protect and maintain occupant health and safety and ensure cost-efficient, high-performance heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system operation. Each and every service is tailored to address the specific environment and needs of the client. From the first walk-through of a project to the final report, we focus on reviewing and understanding a building’s HVAC systems, a company’s business objectives, and a facility’s organizational requirements. This is our assurance that all project work performed by EH&E will meet the needs of the client.