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Building Commissioning for HVAC

The number one problem reported by owners of newly constructed or renovated buildings is a malfunctioning HVAC system. The goal of EH&E’s specialized building commissioning process is to identify and correct equipment and operational problems before they affect building operation and negatively impact occupant health and comfort.

EH&E promotes “building systems commissioning” as a quality assurance process. In new construction, the building commissioning process is implemented to ensure that equipment and systems perform as intended, and it is generally accepted that commissioning is most effective when applied as early in the construction process as possible to have maximum impact. Commissioning addresses the verification of both the tangible and intangible aspects of materials, equipment, and systems and focuses on the difference between systems simply operating and achieving the intended performance parameters. EH&E has the expertise to apply commissioning to all building Mechanical, Electric, Plumbing (MEP), and Fire Protection Systems (FP).

Major components of EH&E’s building commissioning program are:

  • Documentation of building design intent and owner’s requirements
  • Review and comment of design documents for application, system compatibility, performance testing requirements, and operation and maintenance issues
  • Create commissioning plan
  • Installation inspections
  • Creation of pre-functional and functional performance test requirements
  • Functional performance testing
  • Commissioning action list (issues to be addressed by design and construction team)
  • Verification of contractor closeout requirements (training, warrantees, O&M manuals, as-built drawings, etc.)

When our process is included as part of the original construction contract, a positive impact on schedule adherence and the reduction in change orders and warranty period issues in the construction and building acceptance phases can be significant. We review, verify, and document systems performance and make recommendations for enhanced performance, equipment longevity, and potential energy savings.