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Advanced Building Diagnostics & Engineering

Pollutant Dispersion Modeling
One of the greatest factors affecting the indoor air quality within a building is the air outside. Dispersion modeling addresses the relationship of environmental factors between an existing or planned building and its surroundings. For instance, if a newly built hospital facility is next to a laboratory that has exhaust emissions, it is necessary to understand how those emissions are dispersed and how and if they will affect the new hospital and its occupants. EH&E can provide a client with complete dispersion modeling services, including:

  • Identification and development of appropriate scenarios for a particular site.
  • Access to government approved and private sector computer models and the skills to operate them.
  • Interpretation of the quantitative results so that the client can make an informed decision.

Tracer Studies
Occupant health and environmental complaints are often the result of the unintended passage of contaminant-laden air from a source area (or areas) into occupied spaces. By releasing a tracer gas in selected locations and measuring its concentrations, it is possible to determine the paths of air movement in affected areas. This information may be used to identify containment sources or estimate occupant exposures to prior contaminant releases.

Forensic Engineering
EH&E has conducted numerous forensic investigations on building systems and indoor environmental quality to identify and resolve problems. In addition to working directly for the building manager/owner, many of these have been to resolve insurance or legal claims. We can recreate the environmental conditions in question and provide clear documentation or deliver expert testimony based on the results of our findings.

EH&E offers many additional engineering services to improve the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of workplace systems. Services include fire/life safety consulting, code compliance review, systems testing and inspection, waste removal systems design, building systems design and commissioning, construction hygiene management, and program management.