Commercial Real Estate
ASTM Phase 1 & 2 Environmental Site Assessments
Real Estate Evaluation (Property Condition Assessments)
LEED Feasibility & Costing Advisory Services
Green Construction Oversight & Monitoring
Design Review &Commissioning
Decommissioning Studies of Industrial/Lab Buildings
Asbestos, PCB & Lead Management Programs
MCP Compliance
Brownfield Studies
Construction Containment
Ambient / Perimeter Monitoring
Construction Mold Prevention Training
Risk Management Training Programs
Dispersion Modeling
Customizing the Building
Regulatory Permitting
Energy Efficiency & Monitoring Services
Design Review & Commissioning
ASHRAE 110 Fume Hood Tests & Biosafety Cabinet Testing
Maintaining Environmental Health & Safety Compliance
Regulatory Compliance Training Services
Regulatory Compliance Management Services
Indoor Air Quality Investigations
Solving / Avoiding Building Problems
IAQ & HVAC Investigations / Evaluations
Advanced Building Diagnostics & Engineering
Proactive Building Performance & IAQ Studies
Asbestos, Lead & PCB Management & Abatement Oversight Services
IAQ/HVAC Initial Response Training
Re-Commissioning for Performance Improvements
Mold Assessment & Remediation Oversight
HVAC Vulnerability Assessments
Emergency Response Services
Disaster / Emergency Recovery
Loss Mitigation
Risk Communication & Management
Mold & Moisture Assessment
Remediation Design & Management
Exposure Assessment
Legionella Assessments
Higher Education

Commercial Real Estate

Time and again, EH&E has shown that creating a healthier, more efficient work environment is good business practice and should be part of any strategic plan. In addition to building employee morale and improving productivity, it minimizes liability and workers’ compensation claims, and builds strong and meaningful ties in the community.

EH&E’s work with commercial facilities and property management organizations has proved the power of good environmental planning. When a client calls us in - whether it’s to troubleshoot an indoor air quality problem, an architect requesting building commissioning services, or a property management company that wants us to manage their environmental health and safety department - we don’t just tackle the technical issues, we provide solutions to major business challenges. Our clients have reported significant and profitable outcomes as a result of their investment with EH&E.