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Legal Overview

EH&E has a long history of providing expert assessments and litigation support to both defendant and plaintiff law firms throughout the United States. EH&E has supplied experts to:

  • Perform complex exposure reconstructions
  • Emissions modeling
  • Investigations of suspected building-related illness
  • Forensic analyses of equipment that may have contributed to an injury or death
  • Risk analysis in conjunction with medical monitoring claims
  • Independent case review for arbitration

EH&E has the capability, using in-house staff, to conduct complex sampling and testing protocols and sophisticated data analysis and interpretation. We also provide assessments of the strengths and weaknesses of cases, the potential data requirements to pursue a particular strategy, and the potential impact of recent technical and scientific findings.

One of the major issues in toxic tort litigation is determining if environmental exposures may have occurred many years ago, the affected population, if any, and whether those exposures were sufficient to cause some effect either in individuals and/or buildings. EH&E has worked on many of these projects, some projects involved exposures 60 years ago. In some situations, EH&E scientists and engineers have applied mathematical modeling to reconstruct these environmental and occupational exposures while in other cases it has been necessary to apply probabilistic techniques such as Monte Carlo Analysis to provide a range of estimates of risk or exposure. 

In addition to modeling, EH&E experts have conducted exposure reconstructions using experimental settings by actually using workers and performing the tasks in the manner they would have been performed at some time in the past under controlled conditions. EH&E has conducted exposure reconstructions for many different agents including:

  • carbon monoxide
  • diesel
  • mercury
  • benzene
  • isocyanates
  • nickel
  • PM2.5
  • PM10
  • bacteria
  • mold
  • lead
  • asbestos
  • pesticides
  • a wide range of volatile organic compound exposures from both indoor and outdoor sources

As a result of providing expert testimony and support in many cases, EH&E scientists and engineers understand the importance of clearly communicating complex information in adversarial settings. EH&E has the capability of producing easy to understand graphics, posters, and animations for use in the courtroom.

Legal Services

EH&E has a staff of scientific experts in the areas of industrial hygiene, exposure assessment and reconstruction, toxicology, geology/hydrogeology, engineering and safety. These experts work on both defendant and plaintiff cases with law firms from across the country. Our staff scientists have degrees from some of the most prestigious universities in the world.

The most commonly requested legal services involve forensic engineering, exposure reconstruction, and assessments involving mold growth in buildings. We are often asked to reconstruct exposures that occurred years ago or to identify probable sources and pathways for water intrusion that resulted in mold growth. Additional exposure reconstructions have involved carbon monoxide, various volatile organic compounds, epoxies, amines, isocyanates, petroleum hydrocarbons and a number of suspected or confirmed carcinogens. We also recently completed a health impact analysis of deposited particulate matter associated with the proposed modification of a large electric generating plant.

Our scientific experts are experienced in depositions, trials, discovery and other legal proceedings. They use generally accepted scientific methods and apply them appropriately to ensure a thorough, defensible opinion.

In addition to Consulting and Testifying expert services for both defendants and plaintiffs, we perform case evaluations, assist with settlements, and provide advice on avoiding litigation.