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EH&E experts can assist Insurance Claims Managers when a case requires a specific expertise, such as an engineer, microbiologist, industrial hygienist, environmental or safety professional. Our staff is often called upon by insurance companies to assist with disaster recovery and loss mitigation efforts after an emergency such as a flood, accident or fire. In the case of mold or other microbiological contamination, EH&E can conduct an assessment to characterize the nature and extent of the problem and then develop protocols for the remediation of affected building systems and materials. EH&E also provides oversight of the remediation program to ensure that remediation activities are performed according to the specifications. To prevent future problems and to ensure that affected areas are properly addressed, EH&E can develop and implement clearance testing and follow-up monitoring programs. If the incident involved and accident or exposure to toxic materials, EH&E can reconstruct exposures and perform a forensic analysis to identify the cause of the incident. In addition, there are consulting and testifying experts at EH&E that can provide litigation support if it is necessary.

EH&E has also worked with insurance companies to develop programs for their clients that will help ensure a safe and healthy work environment. EH&E professionals have developed customized programs for proactive indoor air quality monitoring, mold and moisture management, mold prevention, ergonomics and injury prevention.