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EH&E understands the regulatory requirements mandated by federal, state and local regulations and we can help your organization stay in compliance and abreast of the latest policies and guidelines. EH&E will evaluate your organization’s regulatory needs and also assist in maintaining compliance. We have worked with existing facilities to improve compliance, thereby reducing penalties and fines. In addition we have provided support to new facilities including, biotechnology, research, office, and industrial facilities to prepare permit applications required for the start-up of new operations.

EH&E offers a wide range of environmental compliance support services including: 

  • Storage tank management and permits – Above ground storage tanks and Underground storage tanks
  • Start-up facility permitting for research, hospital and biotechnology programs
  • Air permits
  • Storm water permits
  • Wastewater treatment systems, sewer use and sewer connection permit processes
  • Fire Department permits
  • County and City hazardous materials permits
  • City Biosafety and recombinant DNA permits
  • Department of Public Health permits
  • DOT registration for “Offerors of hazardous materials”
  • Drug Enforcement Agency permits and licenses
  • Special permits/zoning requirements