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InchstoneTM Project Monitoring Program

Most newly constructed buildings today are occupied prior to MEP systems completion, frequently resulting in a high cost to the owner in additional maintenance costs, higher energy costs over the life of the building, and shortened equipment life.  EH&E’s analysis of over 100 large and complex projects has found that a number of key contract deliverables can be used as early indicators of the issues related to incompletion.  Action taken early in the project can often prevent a scheduling crisis late in the project.

The EH&E InchstoneTM Project Monitoring Program provides the building owner with fingertip access to real time information on all critical project deliverables during the construction process.  The program is designed to help the owner ensure all critical deliverables are received as required to maintain the project schedule and ensure systems completion at the time of occupancy.

Program includes:

  • Contract Document Review - A review of the contract document language to ensure all critical project deliverables are included.
  • eH&E Inchstone Construction Monitoring Project Interface  - A customized web-based interface designed to track and organize all critical project deliverables for inchstone management. Password-protected site allows the owner’s team to access project status and electronic copies of all submitted deliverables at any time.  Includes:
    • Graphical representation of deliverable status.
    • Drill-down capability for access to individual deliverable information.
    • Direct link to electronic files for all document deliverables.
  • Site Population Service – Complete site population and maintenance service.  EH&E project manager will provide all record-keeping services required to maintain site currency during the project, including the creation of electronic documents from printed material as required.

Optional Services

  • Phone support by a commissioning engineer during construction meetings as required.
  • Phone consultation with commissioning engineers.

eH&E Inchstone Construction Monitoring Project Interface

This customized web-based interface is designed to track and organize all critical project deliverables for EH&E's InchstoneTM Project Monitoring Program . Password-protected site allows the owner’s team to access project status and electronic copies of all submitted deliverables at any time.

Key Features and Benefits

Project Dashboard
The home page of the site graphically displays the current project status in ten key categories against the expected completion schedule.  Potential scheduling concerns are described as they arise so they can be addressed promptly.

Inchstone Tracking Database
All key deliverables are tracked automatically and can be accessed at any time to display received or missing items.  A responsible party can be assigned to each item, and emails can be sent out automatically upon a missed delivery if desired.  Deliverables are referenced to an equipment list that records all relevant information. 

Project Documentation Library
All collected documentation is filed electronically and is available at all times via the interface.  Equipment installation manuals, checklists, and all other receivables are scanned and made available to the owner and project team.  The electronic files are transferred to the maintenance staff at the end of the project.

Record-Keeping and Evaluation Services
Site population services are provided by EH&E account managers.  Documents are scanned as required and posted to the site.  Project analysis based on Inchstones tracked is also included. Additional expert consulting services are available as required.

For a complete demonstration of the eH&E Inchstone Construction Monitoring Project Interface , contact EH&E at 1-800-825-5343 or at





For more information on inchstone project management, download this free white paper