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Hospital Energy Performance Services

Healthcare facilities are heavy energy users, and are continually being modified to meet new requirements for equipment and services.  Building systems often become “out-of-tune” as emphasis is placed on maintaining the environment, and optimal system efficiency is seldom addressed.  

Optimal building system performance can have a huge impact on the energy consumed, the maintenance required, and even the life of the equipment itself.  In times of elevated energy costs, ignoring these inefficiencies means a substantial budget drain.

The answer is a process that will measure current system operations to spot inefficiencies in operation – and correct them.  This process, retro-commissioning, has been shown to improve performance (and energy efficiency) by 25% or more , with much of the savings linked to low-cost modifications.   

EH&E combines 20 years of extensive experience in building science, engineering, and building system performance with an in-depth knowledge of the healthcare environment.  We work with you to ensure your systems maintain the proper critical environment without needless waste.

Operations & Energy Benchmarking Study:

Determine your building's energy savings potential prior to investing in a complete program. 

Operations & Energy Benchmarking Study
Using the Energy Star Portfolio Manager building rating as a starting point, EH&E can additionally use load data and even equipment data if available to give the hospital a more accurate assessment of its energy rating and therefore retro-commissioning potential.


Building Systems Energy Efficiency Service
EH&E’s energy optimization process takes place in three phases to allow the hospital to implement each in stages (measuring savings at each) and to strategically plan capital equipment upgrades to maximize return on investment.

Phase I – Develop a building system performance profile
Define the building’s optimal operating strategy and identify the system(s) to be optimized, document all associated equipment, and review the system control sequences.  System performance data is collected and analyzed to identify opportunities.  This phase typically identifies low or no-cost actions to immediately improve performance (<1 year ROI), as well as issues that require some engineering investigation to further refine.

Phase II - Perform engineering investigation and make recommendations
A more detailed engineering investigation with recommendations for improvement for more complex deficiencies.  EH&E engineers work with the facility manager and operations staff to select specific items to undergo further investigation and engineering.

Phase III - Correct deficiencies, analyze results, and recommend capital improvements
Prioritization and correction of those equipment and system deficiencies selected from Phase II.  Can be prioritized to target individual zones, systems, or the entire building based on the projected ROI of the proposed improvements.

To learn more about EH&E's hospital energy performance services, send an email request  or call us at 1-800-825-5343.