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Microsoft SharePoint Applications for Managing Environmental Health & Safety Programs

Does your organization already use Microsoft® SharePoint®?  If so, you already have an affordable answer to managing your EHS program. EH&E’s unique series of customized EHS solutions are designed entirely on the SharePoint platform. EH&E’s experts build applications to support your EHS program at a fraction of the cost of third-party software. Applications are designed to help manage and administer compliance programs and are easily customized for individual needs. Mix and match applications to meet site-specific needs, and add new ones as required.  SharePoint eliminates concerns about communication between applications, and offers product support from any number of sources. Additional SharePoint benefits include:

  • Fully customizable to adapt to your specific program processes and needs.
  • Compatibility with all your existing program files and documentation. 
  • Low cost of ownership and support. 
  • Secure site hosting on any Microsoft server (ours or yours). 
  • Universal support by Microsoft certified professionals.

EH&E offers the advantage of both EHS (Industrial Hygiene, Biosafety, Occupational Health, Sustainability) and SharePoint expertise. Our team works with you to determine the best way to apply SharePoint to support your program goals, and then design a solution utilizing the wide range of SharePoint features and functionality including:

  • Document management and control. 
  • Task management and administration. 
  • Workflow design and automation. 
  • Data collection and display, including web-based forms.

Our approach is both unique and sustainable: we use a Microsoft framework to link our consulting expertise to your needs without a software programmer in the middle.  You’ll have lower cost of ownership, complete control of how your product grows, and a scalable system that you’re not likely to outgrow.

The powerful SharePoint platform ensures that you’ll have the capability needed to meet your requirements now and into the future, and EH&E’s program expertise ensures a successful application.

To schedule a free demonstration, email us at or call 1-800-825-5343. 






SharePoint a Management Solution for EHS