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Diacetyl Exposure Management 

Diacetyl is a common chemical that occurs naturally or is an added ingredient in many foods.  There has been a national focus on the use of diacetyl in flavorings with many investigations conducted by NIOSH. It is suspected of causing or being a contributor to the development of lung disease.  California is the first state to implement workplace regulations directed at controlling exposures of workers to diacetyl containing materials (<1% diacetyl by weight).

California’s new standard, section 5197 of the California Code of Regulations, requires employers covered by the standard to create a regulated area for each process using diacetyl, unless the process meets Cal/OSHA’s definition of “enclosed”.  The regulations also require that a certified industrial hygienist or professional engineer review the diacetyl management program and issue a written opinion. These regulations are complex and include requirements for creating a written diacetyl control program, initial and periodic monitoring of exposure levels, and providing personal protective equipment, respirators, training, and medical surveillance, all at no cost to employees. 

EH&E has been on the forefront of diacetyl exposure studies since 2004, and has recognized subject experts on staff.  EH&E is unique due to its expertise in health and safety management systems as well as its widely recognized reputation in exposure assessment and engineering controls to minimize exposure. EH&E can help companies address all requirements of the new diacetyl standard including:

  • Initial workplace audit and exposure assessment with expert data interpretation.
  • Creating a tailored exposure control plan for your operations.
  • Annual testing plan that meet the requirements but minimize costs.
  • Creation of an exposure log for identified regulated areas.
  • Creation of a medical surveillance plan when appropriate.
  • Creation of a customized respiratory protection program.

For more information on how EH&E can help your company meet diacetyl regulations, email us at or call 1-800-825-5343.