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Data Collection Solutions 

Complex environmental health and safety (EHS) compliance programs require collection and analysis of large amounts of data in the form of inspections, registrations, training records and task lists.  Electronic data collection systems are typically very expensive, and do not allow customization to match the exacting needs of many institutions.  SharePoint has several customizable data collection options that can both streamline the collection process and automate data analysis.  EH&E can help you determine the best data collection method suited to your needs and the most efficient way to automate the processing and data analytics.  Options include: 

InfoPath Electronic Forms 

Any form currently used to collect information can be easily converted to an electronic form via Microsoft InfoPath, and can be configured to save the data to lists that allow SharePoint to manage the information.  InfoPath forms are typically used when a direct connection to SharePoint is possible (i.e., from a computer connected to SharePoint).  Examples include: 

  • Laser registration forms
  • Controlled substance registration forms 
  • Hazardous waste pickup forms 
  • Inspection forms submitted from third parties such as above/underground storage tank tests 

The electronic forms insure that form submission is complete (all data included), and once data is within SharePoint workflows can analyze and process the data to reduce manual analysis time. 

Mobile Device Data Capture 

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Many routine data collection requirements lend themselves to the use of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.  A continuous Internet connection is not always available, and carrying a laptop is inconvenient.  EH&E has a unique App available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) that allow the user to collect client-specific surveys and upload the data directly to SharePoint lists specifically designed to process the data to client needs. Examples of applications that lend themselves to this approach include: 

  • Laboratory inspections
  • Satellite accumulation area inspections
  • Radiation safety inspections

Mobile devices offer an exciting opportunity to gather information more efficiently into EHS programs for analysis. By connecting these devices to SharePoint, EH&E offers a turn-key solution for collecting, analyzing and processing the data using client-specific rules.

The powerful SharePoint platform allows EH&E to help clients create automated, turn-key, EHS solutions for collecting, analyzing and processing the large amounts of data needed to assess and minimize risk.  






Electronic forms for data collection  


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