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Consumer Products

EH&E’s consumer products research has demonstrated success for over 20 years due to our unique interdisciplinary structure and ability to coordinate scientific evaluations with a client’s public relations, technical, and legal teams. Our evidence-based approach can assist brand management in two ways: Product Promotion (i.e., identification and promotion of a product’s strengths over a competitor’s product through scientific testing, analysis and presentation of results) and Product Evaluation (i.e., application of sound scientific principles to counter biased, negative or faulty claims that can damage a product or brand). In the field of consumer products, EH&E often reaches far beyond the needs of the client to the best interest of the general public and its health.

Selected Engagements

Benefits of Clean Air
Trane Corporation hired EH&E to test how effectively their CleanEffects air cleaning system removed influenza virus from the air. EH&E lead a team of collaborators from academic institutions in extensively modeling and quantifying indoor air quality to determine how much Trane’s product reduced virus exposure as a result of the filtration product. The results demonstrated that Trane’s product conferred significant advantages over competitor’s products. EH&E reported its results in peer-reviewed scientific literature and at numerous scientific conferences.

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Radon and Radiation from Granite Countertops
Faced with an attack on their industry based on poor science and sensationalist journalism, the granite industry’s trade association contracted EH&E to investigate claims of risky countertops. EH&E immediately released a white paper based on an analysis of existing peer-reviewed literature, handled interview requests to provide balance to the original stories, and designed and conducted the largest study of granite countertops to-date. The results of that testing were released by the trade association’s PR firm, and two manuscripts were accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal. Additionally, the team of experts at EH&E developed a screening protocol for the industry. EH&E scientists continue to conduct outreach in the form of media interviews, presentations at scientific conferences and collaboration with regulatory agencies.

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Practice Group Leader:

Joseph Allen