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Regulatory Compliance Calendars

A Compliance Calendar is one of the most basic, yet vital, applications. Regulatory deadlines are numerous and complex in many organizations, and often involve many people – sometimes at multiple locations.  How can you track all these tasks so that you know at all times the status of your program? 

EH&E’s Compliance Calendar makes your program requirements and status readily accessible. The custom, SharePoint calendar sends email alerts of upcoming or missed deadlines – and keeps reminding responsible parties until the task is complete. The Compliance Calendar will even notify third-party vendors of required deadlines, with the option to allow them to update their own tasks. You’ll know instantly what tasks are pending or overdue and who is responsible for each.  As responsibilities change, you can quickly re-assign tasks and notifications.

Quarterly reports of tasks completed on time by responsible party or location helps focus time and resources on problem areas. The Compliance Calendar is a great example of how SharePoint can help with program administration by automatically tracking all key program tasks and alerting you to any issues.

Optional document and data storage features may be added as required.  EH&E offers a full range of EHS regulatory compliance services to identify program vulnerabilities and implement program improvements.

EH&E’s Regulatory Compliance Calendar gives you complete control of your compliance program at all times without the time-consuming document reviews and email exchanges that are often necessary to answer the question “Are we compliant?” .